Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not as fast as I thought

Well, I here guys say all the time how their build took a lot longer then they thought and still for some reason I thought/hoped I would be different.  this build is starting a lot slower then I thought it would.  Fucking life will get you every time.  Oh well, still waiting on the wheels at this point but I did get a little done this week.  I cleaned up the neck.

 I also got the cups pressed in and the triple trees mounted.  

I have to figure out a way to get the seals back in on the forks then I can get them on there too.  long road ahead but it will be worth it.  Got a lot of parts in the mail this week.  Got the brakes I ordered from Fab Kevin and the bungs I ordered from Bung King.  Just need to get a Tig Welder and I will be set, or maybe I could get away with an oxy acetylene setup.  What do you all think? I know how to weld with both,  I got a buddy with a TIG and I could tack up at my place and take to his place for final welding.   Input would be nice.  Couple more weeks.  Sorry it couldn't be better, hopefully soon.

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