Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seat and tank

So the wife still has not had TJ, so I got some more time in the garage today.  Got the seat spring perches and mount tacked into place.  Like other thing I will finish weld them both once I tear it back down.

I also got the gas tank bottom welded in.  I still need to weld the cap and petcock bungs in and test it.  Hopefully it doesn't leak like a siv.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taillight and Brake Stay

So I got the mount for my taillight made up and ready to be mounted.  I am waiting until I get the plate mount attached to the sissy bar before I weld the taillight mount onto the sissy bar too.  I also got a custom lens finished up.  It has tiny air bubbles in it, little upset about it but this is the second one and is a little better.  I might make another one in the future to hopefully eliminate the air bubbles but we will see.

I also got the rear brake stay tacked into place.  I will finish weld it after I tear down and can get to it easier.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gas Tank Progress

Well I cut up an extra 883 tank I had laying around a month or so ago.  Well, tonight I decided to weld it up.  As you can see from the pictures I need some practice on my sheet metal welding.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sissy Bar Almost Done

Well, with the wife possibly going into labor at any moment I stayed home from Hockey tonight.  So I got to work on the sissy bar a little.  Pretty much done except for trimming it down to sit closer to the fender.  Waiting to do that till I get the bungs so I know how much to trim.  This is not as tall as some of the pictures make it look.  It is 21" from top to the fender.  Enough talk, here are the pictures.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sissy Bar

So I got a little time in the garage today, was nice to keep my mind occupied and off the shit going on in the lives of some loved ones.  Took the time to get my sissy bar bent up.  I used 603 SS 1/2" round so I can just polish it up once it is done.  I had 2 pieces that were 4' long so I bent them to match and I will weld them together at the top and grind it smooth.  Should turn out pretty nice once I am done.  Right now it is bent up, still need to cut, weld, and grind the top to finish it up.  You can see what it will look like when done.

I think I might trim done the bottom of each side so it sits a little closer to the fender but we will see.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Headlight and Lower Triple Tree

Tonight I got a few hours and worked in the garage a little.  I went ahead and got my headlight mounted.  I decided to weld the mounting tab directly to  the lower triple tree.  This limits me a little bit down the road but I really like the tucked, tight, clean look.

I also welded the holes up on the sides of my lower triple trees.  Cleans them up and will look great once painted, never be able to tell.  Now I just need to weld up the holes on the top triple tree.