Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sissy Bar

So I got a little time in the garage today, was nice to keep my mind occupied and off the shit going on in the lives of some loved ones.  Took the time to get my sissy bar bent up.  I used 603 SS 1/2" round so I can just polish it up once it is done.  I had 2 pieces that were 4' long so I bent them to match and I will weld them together at the top and grind it smooth.  Should turn out pretty nice once I am done.  Right now it is bent up, still need to cut, weld, and grind the top to finish it up.  You can see what it will look like when done.

I think I might trim done the bottom of each side so it sits a little closer to the fender but we will see.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good buddy. Hope to see you soon. Love you Bro.