Monday, May 30, 2011

Rolling Thunder

Not typically my type of event but it was on "bucket list" of motorcycle stuff.  That and being in the DC area for 3 years now and being active duty I felt it was time to go hang out with thousands of other bikers.  Did not really see any of my style of bike there, lots and lots of baggers.  With a lot of folks riding in from hundreds of miles away the baggers make sense.

Anyway, this was a very humbling experience.  The sitting in the Pentagon parking lot for 5 hours sucked but that was all quickly forgotten when I started rolling and saw a sea of proud americans out to say thanks and support such a great cause.  I actually got a little misty eyed at one point ( I know I am a fucking pussy).  I came across two younger girls that hand a sign up that said "Thanks for our freedom."  It just hit me, nice to see there are people out there that give a fuck and will take some time out of there lives to say thanks.

This might not be your type of thing but if you are into motorcycles, proud to be an american, and thankful for the your freedom to go get on your bike and ride where every you want, then I suggest adding this to you "bucket list."  You will not be disappointed.  Here are a few pictures I took.  I didn't take any while riding.  One of my buddies had his girl with him so I let her take the pictures.  Still waiting to get those.

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