Monday, May 23, 2011

Upper Motor Mount

So I had a decision to make about the upper motor mount.  I really wanted to mount the coil between the cylinders but I wanted to make it out of round stock.  Well, I fucked with a few different options that I thought of but nothing seemed to look right with the round stock and the coil.  So my buddy Jimmy hooked me up with a stock style mount. So I used that and built off of it.  I fabbed up a stock style mount to go off the frame.  Then I used the mount I got from Jimmy and modified part of it so that I can build a coil mount.  Here you go here are some pictures.

So here is the start of the coil mount.  I will trim down the part attached to the motor so the up right part sits closer.  I am also not 100% set on putting the switch there.  Thinking about trying to find somewhere else to mount it or to run no keyed switch and just a flip on/off switch somewhere.  What do you all think?

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