Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Triumphs....wait what

So this past weekend I got a great opportunity to chill and build with a couple buds.  So my buddy Bill is about to get deployed yet again and I am about to be heading west to CA on a new adventure myself.

So we got together this past weekend and his buddy Chad was down from the dirty Jersey.  He picked up a project a few months back at the VA British bike show and swap.  He had not really had a chance to work on it so we dug into this weekend.  By the time I got there it was in a roller already.  A few of the things I helped with were making the oil tank mount and getting that welded onto the frame and also getting the rear fender mounted.  We still need to figure out the front mount for the fender but it is coming along pretty nice.  I love the riding postion, a little aggressive for some probably but I dig it.  Sorry for the shitty cell phone pictures it was all I had with me.

   Bill hit me up a few weeks back and asked if I was still interested in building a Triumph.  I bit and said hell yeah why whats up.  He told me he had enough parts to put together about 75% of a unit 650 motor and he needed to clean out the garage a little.  so I picked up 2 plastic bins of Triumph goodness too.

I have plans on building a Vintage Racer/cafe around it.  I really miss the track and would love to have something I can take to the track every once and awhile and fling it through the turns.  Should be a fun but long project.  Got to get to Cali and settled before I start tearing into this guy, even though I am chomping at the bit.

From what I can see it appears to be a set of cases from 71, the number start with DE, if I am wrong someone please set me straight.  He hooked me up with some good stuff too.  Hard to see in the pictures but you get the idea.

Stay tuned for the wagon project completion and the start of a total Triumph newb attempting to build a motor from a bunch of pieces.  Should be interesting

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