Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wagon Start

So I know I have not posted in forever, been busy with the family and havent had much time to wrench/fabricate.  So I am moving to Cali in like 2 months so the original plan of tearing the bike down for paint and powder has been put on hold.  I will just wait until I get out to Cali and get settled in then tear it back down.

With that said I did get some time in the garage today and I started on my sons first birthday present.  I picked up a brand new still in the box Radio Flyer a little while back from Craigslist for cheap.  I have decided that my boy can roll in any old wagon, that shits gotta be custom.  This is nothing that ground breaking, shit Slim just did one not to long ago and I hope mine turns out half as good as his did.

It was a slow start today but I got the spindles made.  I bought some old radius rods a little while ago off eBay to use for a springer but they are to thin.  I didn't realize there were different thicknesses for them.  So I am going to use them for the main rails for the wagon frame.  Here are a couple shots of the spindles.

I can tell it has been a little while since I welded.  Some of the welds look a little rough.

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