Thursday, July 5, 2012

Joys of owning an Ironhead Chop

So a few weeks back I was riding to work and something sounded like it was rubbing.  At first it sounded like the front of the bike but I couldn't see anything while I was riding.  I was on base and not going to fast and didn't have far to go so I just rode it till I got to work.  Well, after getting there I realized it was coming from the back not the front.  After a little investigating I found that one of the bolts holding the rear fender on had backed out and was rubbing the tire.  I got a nice groove down the tire now but it is not to bad.  I am still going to run it.

Kind of hard to see in the picture but you get the idea.  Since I have been riding it several bolts/nuts have either loosened or came off to include my rear axle bolts.  The only thing I can blame it on is stupidity on my part.  So the original idea was to get it on the road and ride it for a few weeks to shake it down then tear it back down for paint and powder coat, well I then got orders to Cali and was not sure I would have the time or the money to get it done before I moved.  So I left it together and figured I would do it when I got here.  With that said I didn't use loctight on shit and it is vibrating its self apart.  That coupled with the fact that the it is burning oil I will be tearing it down real soon to redo the top end and do a proper finish build, possibly throw in building a springer in there too.  Sorry for the rant, stay tuned for more fab and random shit.

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