Monday, September 5, 2011

On the ground, Fired up

Well, I got the wiring done.  I fired it up last night at midnight, might have pissed off the neighbors but I dont give a fuck!  I will post a video of me riding it in the next couple days.  Forgot to buy sealer washers for the banjos so I got get some of those and get the brakes dialed in then I will be riding it.

A lot of people here in my apartment complex like to throw away bed frames.  I live right across from the dumpster so when there is one over there I go and grab it.  With one of those bed frames I fabbed up a ramp to get this pig off the wooden stand/table I have been building it on.  I could have spent $70 and bought an aluminum one but fuck it this one was free, just took a couple hours to build it.  Here is the bike sitting on the ground.  Enjoy

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